We begin to experience emotions before we learn how to crawl, clap, count or read. At Fish Book Co., we recognize the importance of emotional awareness in the development of happy and healthy children. We believe that all emotions should be equally embraced.

About Fish Book Co.

We aim to help little and big fish alike identify, understand and harness their feelings. For our bigger fish, we provide tools for you to talk to your little ones and guide them through various hues of emotions. Fish Book Co. is a joint venture between Potato Productions of Singapore and the Swiss publishing house Aracari Verlag.

Through interactive play, we hope to unleash “Today I Am” to teach kids how to navigate through emotions using e-books, origami, educational content and other exciting ventures. Looking forward, we plan to translate “Today I Am” into Chinese, Bahasa, Thai, Viet, and other languages so that kids everywhere can swim with us!


Our Team


Nida Khafiyya


Curious with tireless energy, Nida is the head of our school of fish at Fish Book Co. A visionary fish if there was one, Nida navigates the team through seas smooth, rough, weathered, or unexplored. She aims to pave new ways for creators and makers to develop great content for little fish. Nida loves the smell of fresh laundry and freshly baked bread.


Tess Neo


Tess loves meeting new people and she puts her passion to good use at Fish Book Co., where she helps our books find happy homes. With contagious and expressive energy, Tess is the resident on-top-of-things fish who helps gets things done. She wants to learn diving someday so she’ll be able to swim with the fish.



Lily Vivipem

Smart Aleck

90% of Lily’s time at Fish Book Co. is spent creating content, filling social media with talk about emotions, deploying nautical references like nobody’s business (oh buoy) and curating immaculate fish puns. The rest of the time, she’s crossing her fingers and hoping that people are reading her work.


Jina Jang


Our creative fish with a unique outlook, Jina ties up all the loose strings at Fish Book Co. While she waits for her Hogwarts acceptance letter, she also helps design the fishy graphics that we unleash into cyberspace. She enjoys reading conspiracy theories and believes in channeling emotions through art.


Alyssa Goh

Class Clown

Aly spends her days at Fish Book Co. by doing research and helping bring the various goodies we fashion to life, all eased along by a free flow of coffee and a sense of humour. She also devotes a considerable amount of time trying to expand and engage our school of fish. Currently, Aly is trying to figure out her stance on velociraptors.


Cheryl Wong


Cheryl is our flexi-fish! She zips around Fish Book Co., dipping her tail into all aspects of our work, and ever ready to lend a fin to her fellow fishes. Cheryl loves to travel and thinks that the washing-dryer is one of the greatest inventions of all time.

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